Big Pink

Big Pink acquired its name through its history - since 1980 it was home to several Venice artists and grew to become a local icon for its light pink shade. Prior to that, the 1901 structure originated in Boyle Heights on Los Angeles east side, and served as a church rectory prior to its move to Venice Beach.

The unique history of the home led Electric Bowery to focus its design on restoration and repair of the existing structure, which had suffered decades of damage and disrepair. Working with the existing structure of the home and a limited budget, Electric Bowery opened up the home, adding a wrap around porch, open ceilings and reworked floor plans to provide ensuite bathrooms to each of the three bedrooms on the second story. New landscape and residing the house in redwood completed the renovation.

Big Pink’s renovated rear studio now serves as home to the Electric Bowery team.